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Blunders Continue

New York attorney general demands supplement transparency, but offers none.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's dietary supplement blunders are piling up-and now two US senators have stepped in to protest.

After Schneiderman's investigation into herbal supplements compelled him to order retailers to pull certain brands from their shelves, the AG was forced to eat crow when industry experts-pro- and anti-supplement- pointed out that his DNA testing method was inaccurate for botanicals, potentially rendering his results meaningless. After this mistake, one might think Schneiderman would back off supplements-but no.

But like many of the media's other anti-supplement smear campaigns, reading between the headlines reveals that this investigation may become an embarrassing blunder: Leading scientists now suggest Schneiderman and his team used the wrong tests, and therefore their findings may be meaningless.

A Stubborn Attorney

Members of the supplement industry, along with some health-conscious consumers, asked Schneiderman to release all of the investigation's results and data. He refused this reasonable request. In addition to further weakening the validity of his "scientifi c" investigation, Schneiderman's lack of transparency troubled many citizens, especially given the taxpayer-funded nature of his supplement initiative.

Schneiderman then stubbornly continued his attack-targeting four major supplement manufacturers and demanding that they hand over all of their data and documentation on ingredients and quality control.  is has drawn even more ire from some constituents, who point out that the information Schneiderman is seeking is already freely available to the FDA. With this in mind, Schneiderman's actions appear to be a waste of taxpayer funds-yet another pointless, innovation- sapping "death by paperwork" assault on supplement manufacturers.

Perhaps most critically, Schneiderman's actions smack of entitled hypocrisy: He demands that manufacturers hand over all of their records to him, but he refuses to share with citizens the data behind his own investigation.

Industry Champions Rise

Schneiderman is so far out of line that industry champion Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah) along with Senator Martin Heinrich (New Mexico) have responded with a letter to the FDA that questions the AG's testing and criticizes his refusal to reveal his investigation's full results.  e letter also includes questions intended to clarify "the apparent discrepancies between the New York Attorney General's Report and federal requirements."

Such a discrepancy should never happen. Its mere existence appears to lend credence to the notion that Schneiderman is making unreasonable demands and defying the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) that protects the American public's right to take safe, natural nutritional supplements.

A Call to Action!

For New York residents, Schneiderman's witch hunt may be frustrating to watch. But Americans everywhere should be on high alert, as Schneiderman's anti-supplement crusade could trigger similar investigations in all states.  ose who take supplements to proactively support good health are advised to take action now before Schneiderman's folly gets even worse.

Send a fax to Schneiderman's Consumer Fraud and Protection offi ce at 631-435-0745. Tell Schneiderman that you expect him to protect your rights as a nutrition-conscious consumer-not to limit your rights by pulling health-enhancing supplements from shelves without adequate justifi - cation. If you live outside of New York, remain vigilant for investigations into dietary supplements by your state's attorney general. If these investigations are launched, demand complete transparency in both the investigation and its results:  at is your right as a taxpayer. 

In addition, please consider sending a fax to Senators Orrin Hatch at 202-224-6331 and Martin Heinrich at 202-228-2841 to say thank you for standing up to Schneiderman's misguided investigation and pointing out its fl aws. Finally, visit NHA2015. com for ongoing updates on health freedom.

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