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Clueless Ringleader

Following New York’s lead, 14 more attorneys general unite to attack supplements.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is continuing his attack on supplements—and now he’s bringing his friends to the fight. In early April, Schneiderman recruited the attorneys general of 12 other states (plus a commonwealth and the District of Columbia) to join his crusade against herbal nutrition. This group of AGs has sent a letter to Congress requesting an investigation into herbal supplements, and is apparently seeking to empower the Food and Drug Administration with more authority over the industry.

This recent development begs the question: How did Schneiderman become the leader of this misled crew? How could he convince other AGs to follow him when he has tripped at every single step of his ill-conceived anti-supplement crusade?

Comedy of Errors

First, Schneiderman used an inaccurate DNA testing method that cast serious doubt on his findings about herbal supplements. Despite this mistake, Schneiderman stubbornly continued his attack by completely ignoring the facts and acting as if his results were valid. What’s more, Schneiderman refused to release his investigation’s data to the public— who not only asked to see this data, but also funded the investigation with their taxpayer dollars.

Schneiderman’s blunders continued: During a recent WNYC television interview, Schneiderman said of his crusade, "It really boils down to, [the supplement industry] is an unregulated industry."  His statement again betrays Schneiderman’s ignorance because the supplement industry is regulated by the FDA and the Federal Trade Commission, as well as being overseen by state governments.

Schneiderman’s delusions appear to be contagious. In their letter to Congress, Schneiderman’s coalition demands a "comprehensive congressional inquiry into the herbal supplements industry."  They rationalize a need for this inquiry by stating, "A current state investigation has raised serious concerns about the marketing and safety of herbal supplements..."

But wait: The investigation that raised alleged "serious concerns" has already been suggested by multiple experts to have used a flawed testing method, with highly questionable or flat-out erroneous results. Should Schneiderman and his coalition succeed in convincing Congress to launch an investigation, then that probe may ultimately be based on a lie.

What’s more, this investigation would burn through even more taxpayer dollars and congressional resources—all while ignoring a public that has, time and time again, overwhelmingly voiced support of health freedom and nutritional supplements.

Call to Action!

It is disturbing to witness Schneiderman’s sphere of influence expanding beyond New York, especially since his agenda appears to be based on fantasy and not fact. Anyone who takes nutritional supplements must recognize the serious nature of this threat. United with other attorneys general, spreading lies without accountability and making demands of Congress without justification, Schneiderman appears dangerously empowered to destroy your right to take supplements.

If you live in one of the following places, then your attorney general has joined Schneiderman’s crusade against dietary supplements: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Northern Mariana Islands. If you value health freedom, please contact your AG and let him or her know you do not support Schneiderman’s attack on the supplement industry.

Please contact your local Congresspersons as well, and ask them to deny Schneiderman’s request for a senseless investigation into herbal nutrition. Finally, please visit for updates on how to keep safe, natural dietary supplements in our lives forever.

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